The Ausable River is a great fishing spot in the Adirondacks and runs from Ausable Forks to Lake Champlain.

 The Main Stem of the Ausable River has a mixture of brown and rainbow trout. The river is very wadable and the best fishing occurs from Ausable Chasm to Clintonville. To access the Main Stem anglers can find good access points and public fishing rights in the Ausable Forks area.


Enjoy a relaxing walk or hike along our 130 acres of land for some fresh air and forget about the hustle and bustle of city life.
Bring your pet companion to enjoy the summer breeze with you.
Alternatively, there are many great hiking opportunities within the Ausable River watershed, whether you are looking for a short hike with the family or are seeking to climb one of the 46 High Peaks.


The Ausable River area has something for every type of cyclist. You will enjoy stunning views, light traffic, and challenging terrain. 
Take your mountain bike around our gravel trail along the many roads along our campground.

The views are so spectacular that sometimes it’s hard to keep both wheels on the pavement.


Enjoy the calm Ausable River with your kayak, canoe, tube or simply swim along the beach. With a span of half a mile, the river can be enjoyed by everyone. If you are feeling more adventurous, take the route 9N towards the breathtaking Lake Champlain 45 minutes away from here.